Here We Are: Pavo, Georgia

POS Retreat 2002

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The Most Beautiful Butterfly Quilt in the World!

Logan gets more handsome all the time!

Elaine & Karyl enjoy the Butterfly Bench

Carmen, Ginny, & Rosaleen

Rosaleen speaks to us in Irish!

Bob, Lynda, & Rosaleen being interviewed for television

The Butterfly Tree

Miss Bunkie says, "Hi, Ya'll!"

Diane places Bill's Photo on the Butterfly Tree

Charlene & Emily with Trena's Memorial Display

Watching the TV news reports about the Retreat

Ray & Ronnie enjoying a break

Who just pooped???

Tom & Iris sharing time with each other

Kristi & Billy in the backyard

Beth relaxing

Lloyd & Kristi

Judy's ready to eat

Keith with the green arm behind Scott, Logan, Patty, Carol, & Elaine

Lloyd & Irene with the Angel

Daytime view of the circle

Front view of the Butterfly House

Morning view from upstairs. What's that white light?